14 Prosecutors Take Bribes and Allow Illegal Gambling in Russia

A gambling organization in Russia has been operating many illegal gambling sites throughout the country and has paid off 14 prosecutors in an effort to keep their illegal operations running.  The Federal Security Bureau (FSB) believes that the operation of these illegal casinos has made the criminal organization an estimated €13 million in a single month.

According to FSB security service, the FSB had to dismiss their 14 corrupt prosecutors.  Now their primary goal is to completely remove all forms of corruption from their security rankings.  The FSB has gone to great lengths to try and achieve this, tracking one of the corrupt prosecutors to another country when they managed to slip out of Russia to escape arrest.  Furthermore, the FSB revealed that the illegal gambling organization had carried out its illegal gambling operations in 15 Russian cities.

One Russian prosecutor, Alexander Ignatenko, was arrested in Poland and reportedly received a massive bribe of €1.18 million for keeping his silence about the illegal gambling that was going on.

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