Interesting Slots History

There are different things you can find out about slot games online, including slots history.  You might not think that learning about the history of slot machines is in anyway useful to your game playing, but you may find what you learn enjoyable.  Furthermore, you may find that it provides you with a greater understanding for the game.

Slots machines have been around since the late 1800’s.  The first machine that was designed featured five drums, each displaying poker hands.  That said, because there were so many potential combinations that could be achieved by this machine, an automatic payout for every winning combination was virtually impossible to accomplish.  Therefore, the prizes that were awarded often consisted of free cigars, free beer, or other drinks.  The prize awarded depended on the owner.

That said, as you delve further into the online slots history you find, you will discover that the first machine to resemble the classic slots we see today was invented by Charles Fey.  Fey created the first slot game in 1897, which was based on the original five-drum machine.  Called the Liberty Bell, this slot was equipped with 3 reels and 5 symbols that included hearts, spades, horseshoes, diamonds, and the famous bell for which it was named.  With this machine he was able to create automatic payouts for each winning combo, as the number of winning chances was reduced significantly compared to the original machine.

Slots history continued to develop as imitators began to create their own machines that featured different symbols. The Bell Fruit Gum Company developed the first line of slots that didn’t payout money, but gum.   The company’s logo is the bar sign that is featured in today’s classic fruit slot games.

The electronic history of slot machines began in the 1960’s.   These machines became very popular because they were securer than the mechanical models.  It was also more difficult for players to cheat off these machines.

As the years passed, slot games only became more and more advanced and intricate.  Today, players can enjoy both classic and video slot games that feature state-of-the-art graphics and sounds.  Currently, there are millions of different slot titles that can be played.  You will find a massive selection of these games at a diverse range of internet casinos, all offering different themes, features, and jackpot prizes.

Find online slots history information and discover the story of one of the most popular casino games as you enjoy exciting slots action.

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