South Africa meets online gambling

The trade and industry committee of the parliament in the South Africa has been debating on the legalization and regulation of the online gambling.

The main issues were related to money laundering, underage gambling and illegal gambling operations.

Presently in South Africa, online gambling is banned, as well as gambling on websites outside South Africa.

After a recent online gambling review suggested the legalization and taxation of online gambling, the trade and industry committee is dealing on the matter.

Committee chairman Joan Fubbs and Democratic Alliance MP Geodin Hill Lewis have a positive perception of legalized online gambling in South Africa. They believe that legal online gambling will avoid illegal development and will generate benefits for the economy.

Pieter Smit of the Financial Intelligence Center expressed his negative opinion on the money laundering activities which could be facilitated.

Money transaction through online gambling sites will be hard to trace, therefore online gambling exchange and poker should not be allowed and new technology will be needed to control the online gambling operators.

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